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About Kidz Rock ELC

A fun, safe and educational place for kids.


A Place where KIDS HAVE FUN!


Where there is joy, there is life! We have creative hearts, minds and hands at Kidz Rock Early Learning Center!


Children should have fun ways to express themselves, and a major part of your child's day at the ELC is to tap into imagination and creativity. Art, music, games, and everything in between are an integral part of your child's time with us. We cultivate those bright moments where memories and new friendships are made. From making learning fun, to getting some of that bubbling energy out, to those cherished hand-made creations for your refrigerator, we incorporate the fun into each day! 


A fun environment is at the core of social and mobile development. It's at the heart of learning itself! Our goal is that every child attending the ELC will absolutely love coming every day. 


A place where KIDS ARE SAFE!


At Kidz Rock Early Learning Center, we vigilantly guard your child's safety from our personnel to the building itself. Inside and out, your child's safety is our top priority.


Our staff and volunteers diligently complete a thorough screening to ensure that the highest qualities of moral character are met. This involves passing a Level 2 criminal background check through state and national agencies, including law enforcement and the FBI, as well as our own extensive interview process. Our reviews of staff are ongoing: our standards start high and are maintained there as well. We set ourselves to have the best care-takers and educators worthy of your child.


Additionally, our facility is fully equipped and designed to promote the needs of children. We maintain the highest standards of Florida's regulated building codes and requirements. We also keep the ELC locked during hours of operation. Access is only granted to pre-authorized parents/guardians through our secure check-in/check-out system. 


We are confident in the quality, integrity and trustworthiness of our staff, as well as the measures taken on a daily basis on site to safeguard our little ones. We recognize that your child's safety is precious above all. 


A place where KIDS LOVE TO LEARN!


Our goal at Kidz Rock Early Learning Center is to provide your child with the very best foundation for learning. We believe that a strong education is critical for the future goals and aspirations of our children to be achieved. It is our intention to provide that education for upcoming generations in a creative, yet proven and effective, way.


First and foremost, we support your own family structure in learning and education. We respect that you are the parent, and your participation, insight, and contribution in teaching your child is invaluable. Ultimately, we look to partner with you in this process. We strongly believe in the importance of the family in this, and every, area.


Our curriculum is both time-tested and fit for modern day. We feature Kaplan Curriculum®, as well as integrate the A Beka Curriculum®, in our approach to education. These methods include a focus on Biblical principles and character development, as well as the fundamentals and beyond, of childhood learning. Math, science, reading and creative arts are integral parts of education at the ELC. We are sensitive to differences in learning styles, and we keep learning positive, interesting, and tailor-made for our little ones.  We are also affiliated with The Rock Academy, an accredited private sister school, on site. The Rock Academy  partners with families in educating their children through high school graduation. The Rock Academy now offer traditional Kindergarten and will be offering first grade in the 2020-2021 academic school year. Click here learn more about The Rock Academy, and the great private school programs and scholarships they offer!


We are passionate about equipping your child with nothing but the best. They are our future leaders, and providing them with the building blocks in their early learning years is our sincere privilege.



Kidz Rock Early Learning Center is a ministry of The Rock of Central Florida and is fully accredited through the The Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation (FCCPSA).

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Meet our Directors 



​Kimberly Parker

Kidz Rock ELC


Justina Miranda


Kidz Rock ELC

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