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FACTS Tuition Management

and Payment Plan


FACTS provides flexible payment plan options to families with a process that is simple, convenient, and secure.   Below are PDF Fact Sheets that should answer most of your questions, but here is what you need to know.  If your child has officially been accepted into the Kidz Rock ELC program, you may follow the below instructions to register in FACTS



1.  Every KIDZ ROCK ELC family must go to the FACTS site and create an account: Click Here to Set-up, or click on the FACTS logo to get started.


2.  You will not need a student ID to complete the enrollment process, but you will need your financial information.


3.  When you search for your institution, our Center is listed as  Kidz Rock ELC/The Rock Academy.   (Zip code: 32771)


4.  Complete the steps in the enrollment process.



You will be charged a ONE-TIME FEE of $50 to enroll (per family, NOT per student). The remaining $45 of the $95 registration fee will be added in once your account once it has been finalized.



  • ELECTRONIC CHECK (ACH) - If you choose to pay your tuition payments with Electronic check (ACH), it  is FREE.

  • DEBIT/CREDIT CARD - If you choose to pay your tuition payments with a credit or debit card, you will be charged a 3% convenience fee per transaction.

  • Payments including cash will not be received in the Center , however a cashier's check or money order can be mailed directly to FACTS with no fees (Please note that checks sent in the mail to FACTS must be RECEIVED  before your tuition is due, to avoid late fees).

8.  Late Fees will automatically be assessed and added to your balance if your payment is late. 



9.  You will always be able to see your account balance and payment statements.


10.  You will be able to make payments from any mobile device.


11.  You may choose to receive an email notification prior to your payment's due date as a reminder, and pay directly through a link in the email. 

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